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A Long Day Out w/ Kilian Jornet | Salomon TV

A Long Day Out w/ Kilian Jornet | Salomon TV

17th April 2019
17th Apr 2019
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The greatest adventure might be hidden in your own backyard. Just outside your door you can put your shoes on and start running, and come back home when you're tired. Join Kilian Jornet on a journey around the summits of his Norwegian home and be inspired to live your own adventure! Kilian’s equipment in the video: • Salomon X-Alp shoes • Salomon Skin Pro 15 SET Backpack • Salomon Hybrid pants S/Lab • Salomon Short pants S/Lab • Salomon Haloes Down Hoodie • Salomon XA long sleeve Tshirt • Light harness • Safety carabinner • Dyneema rope (5mm x 50m) • Salomon MTN Alu S3 poles • Cutted 20cm ice axe • Salomon Equipe Gloves • Salomon Soft flask • Balaclava • Credit card • Smartphone • GoPro 6 + extra battery • Suunto 9 watch A Long Day Out w/ Kilian Jornet | Salomon TV

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