4 Knots Every Climber Should Know | Climbing Daily Ep.991

18th August 2017
18th Aug 2017
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On today's gear show we keep things simple: four climbing knots that every climber should know. We look at how to tie the Re-threaded Figure Of Eight, the Lark's Foot, the Clove Hitch, and the Munter Hitch. Join our challenge with Vertical Life here. See our rope range here. Now A Bigger 10% off these shoes with the code EPICSHOE click here. 4 Knots Every Climber Should Know | Climbing Daily Ep.991

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sohhockmeng's picture
The sling should not be girth thru the belay loop, over time the sling would wear through the belay loop. there are recommendations to tie in similar to how the rope is done....
20th Aug 2017
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