10th Dec 2012

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment: The start of an incredible journey || People who thrive on the rush of powerful sensations are able to dedicate their whole lives to their passion. They are searching for the PERFECT MOMENT, when the right factors converge, when you surpass your limits, the instant where things feel surreal, as if in slow motion. || You can watch a whole winter go by waiting for the right wave, the right wind or good snow. The whims of Mother Nature are a source of charm as well as frustration but when that moment comes, you have to be ready. || The reward for those who dedicate their lives to searching for these powerful yet fleeting moments is that they are always there at the right place at the right time... || PERFECT MOMENT is the best of what's happening in the action sports film world but it goes even further, it's already a benchmark in the film world. Closer to man, closer to nature, PERFECT MOMENT is an experience not to be missed...

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