10th Dec 2012

Perfect Moment - L'Aventure Continue

The 2003 film Perfect Moment allowed us to access a state of mind, a feeling that is hard to describe as it is momentary, fleeting: the perfect moment. || 'Perfect Moment: L'Aventure Continue takes us further into this inexplicable search. The PERFECT MOMENT is attainable and the protagonists in this film are doing all they can to find it. || Despite its progress, La Nuit de la Glisse has maintained its direction thanks to its will to preserve the values of its original message: safety, respect and humility. || The film takes you to the breakers of Hawaii and Australia, the peaks of Mont Blanc and the Andes, up into the Spanish skies and through the Cape Verdean trade winds. The people and places are varied because there is no set formula in the search for the PERFECT MOMENT.

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