5th Dec 2012

Never Ending

Following on from TESTIMONY, Thierry Donard and his team dive back in to the action to get close up and personal with the athletes. With mounted cameras and the craziest angles, this film brings together some powerful segments and touching moments with the exclusive images of Norwegian skier Fred Syversen's 107m drop as well as a major scare for Xavier De Le Rue. Afterwards, a bit of satisfaction with surfing and bodyboarding from the Mentawai islands with Jonathan Gonzales, Gony Zubizarreta, Eunate Aguirre and Marlon Lipke. || Then we return to the Swiss Alps for the winter snow session: such light powder that the riders have to protect their mouths in case they choke on it. || With the arrival of spring the team focuses on Andalousie to film the young kitesurfing prodigy Gisela Pulido. 4-time world champion at just 14, this shoot takes place at the Mecca of kitesurfing: Tarifa. || Wingsuit: Jean-Noel Itzstein, James Boole and Robert Pecnik make the age-old dream of flying come true. || 3000 metres of insane flybys from the summit of Mont Blanc to the bottom of Val Veny with nothing more than their mounted cameras.

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