5th Dec 2012
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From the moment man has started to walk, he has steadily wanted to push the limits of his evolution. As of the image of Usain Bolt pushing the boundaries of human beings, the riders push their limits every day a little more. || In practice, for each sport specialty, there is a share of adventure, risk and opportunity. But especially knowledge of the nature and elements is essential. Thus, the riders cease to scale their physical and technical performance and the specter of favorable conditions for their practices tightens. Is that the result of global warming? Or simply linked to the fact that the evolution of these sports is such, that the requirements of too many parameters in conjunction are needed to achieve perfect conditions? || In sum, the riders are un perpetual search for the Instant that should not be missed, the tenth of a second during which a decision must be taken on the initiation of a curve which will lead to the correct axis to jump a cliff; that must be set in a tube of a 10 meters swell. These athletes live for this tenth of a second; this lapse of extendable time lived differently than a normal individual. Not because they are abnormal, they are simply non-standard. || This name 'INSTANT' became the title of the latest production which allowed us to travel in the world of the rides, the Chamonix Valley and adjacent to the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, Australia, Hawaii, Micronesia, Spanish Basque country, Switzerland, as well as in Scottland to the discovery of all the different and redeeming personalities.

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