10th Dec 2012

Heroes of Freeride

The film entitled Heroes of Freeride retraces 25 years of history that Nuit de la Glisse triggered. Thierry Donard looks back on the evolution of action sports through his various productions: Kowabunga, La Créature du professeur Glissenstein, Hibernator, Pushing the Limits and the Perfect Moment saga... || This film takes us from the end of the seventies right up to present day 2007 with the latest developments in action sports. Rediscover exclusive sections from legendary films, seen through the visionary eyes of directors such as Bill Delaney and Dick Barrymore... || A wonderful work comprised of extraordinary footage that allows the present generation to understand the reasons behind a social phenomenon, which had its dawn at the end of the '70s. || All the best and most powerful footage from Nuit de La Glisse are in this 1-hour forty minute film. 25 years of unmissable history.

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