10th Dec 2012
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Elévation: 2 hours of adrenaline-fuelled sensations! || Elévation relates to the sensation you get from a personal achievement; the feeling is somewhere between the spiritual and the physical world. In the inexplicable quest for personal fulfilment, elevation is all about capturing each moment of intensity. || Elévation is a film like no other action sports movie. Very few films manage to preserve the essence of all actions sports with such relevance and insight. Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, bodyboarding, base jumping, wakeboarding and kitesurfing...All the members of the action sports family are showcased in a film where the most pure sounds and images pay homage to sports that take place within the beauty of nature's elements. Elévation is an authentic film dealing with love, friendship, simplicity, spirituality, pushing your limits and humility. No expense was spared to ensure that the power and the beauty of nature's forces did not threaten the safety of Thierry Donard's team when searching for harmony with the elements: the ultimate union.

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