11th Dec 2012

At the Very last Moment

This year Nuit de la Glisse is exploring a new dimension, depth. Three-dimensional space has finally arrived to enhance the adventure, taking our audience deeper into the action and allowing them to share the riders' sensations. || Over the last two years, the Nuit de la Glisse team has endeavoured to incorporate 3D technology into their extreme film shoots. This has required developing a whole new camera and acquiring new techniques for Thierry Donard and his team of cameramen, editors and producers. || Faced with a European winter with scarcely any snow, the team had to gamble, setting off in search of the white gold in one of the most isolated places on the planet: the far west of Greenland. 'Faces of over 2500ft vertical drop, glaciers as far as the eye can see, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains, an environment spared of any human presence, volatile weather conditions, that's where we found the focus of our search,' recounts Thierry Donard.|| This adventure, using our skeleton crew on a ship with just a B3 helicopter as company, proved to be a resounding experience for the human spirit. Isolated for several days while navigating through the icebergs, the shoot encapsulated the daily challenges of trying to blend ultra-modern cinematographic techniques with hazardous conditions. || Alongside this shoot, Nuit de la Glisse 2011 will showcase many other 3D sequences such as downhill mountain biking from the Lapierre Team in Chamonix, street skateboarding in Annecy from Joris Brichet, wingsuiting and speed riding through the Mont Blanc massif from the best that this world has to offer and big wave surfing from Garrett McNamara eyeing up the biggest wave ever surfed in Portugal.

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