Boom Fest Winter 2016

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EpicTV Video: Sheep Escape | Rusty Toothbrush Wooly Snowboard Tales


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18th Apr 2016

Sheep Escape | Rusty Toothbrush Wooly Snowboard Tales

A short tale of one especially adventurous recently escaped sheep and 3 snowboarders struggling to recapture it. As you will soon find out, this sheep will stop at nothing to get away from these 3 New Zealand lunatics. This action packed adventure of rural New Zealand and its colourful characters is perhaps the most honest and accurate portrayal of snowboarding in the land down under. With their below average dress sense and rugged personalities they have a reputation to uphold. While they can’t taste the difference between white and red wine they do know how to wire up a fence, milk a cow, climb mountains and can drink a beer. Oh and lest we forget shred the gnar with the best of them. In every sense of the word they are true modern day cowboys. Sheep Escape | Rusty Toothbrush Wooly Snowboard Tales

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