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EpicTV Video: Need 4 Speed | The Excitement Starts At 40 Knots


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22nd Feb 2016

Need 4 Speed | The Excitement Starts At 40 Knots

Thierry Collado AKA "Akkrew" is a passionate rider who has dedicated his life to kiteboarding on land and water. Akkrew can begin to push his speed limits when the wind exceed 40 knots, after it has traversed the south coast of France to the dry lakes of Nevada and California in the USA. Watch as Akkrew leaves his special mark on the ground in an incredibly wild style! Need 4 Speed | The Excitement Starts At 40 Knots
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penpanland's picture
LOVE.. Smart.. HE ROCKS!!!!!! so serious!!! xxxxxx
15th Jun 2016
halj5232's picture
PennyPan~ WHOA!!!!! ~ YES!! xxx
8th Apr 2016
penpanland's picture
Gotta Watch!! xxx WOW!!
7th Apr 2016
frednanou's picture
great ;)
14th Mar 2016
kchatha1's picture
Thierry Collado AKA "Akkrew" is an amazing athlete! He does things that I can only dream of doing! Rock on Akkrew!
13th Mar 2016
laurilansdale's picture
Absolutely nuts!
12th Mar 2016
marcel.urtebize4's picture
very nice performance my friend ,great pilot :)
11th Mar 2016
hnoble99's picture
Way cool.
28th Feb 2016
eric.sengelin's picture
This Guy is a Crazy and Nice Guy ... ;) Go Far Titi ...
26th Feb 2016