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EpicTV Video: Cham Alive | A Celebration Of Life And Love


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28th Jul 2015

Cham Alive | A Celebration Of Life And Love

A celebration of life, dedicated to those committed to living in the mountains “Full Wingspan”! Before you is a 1-minute trailer from the original 6-minute feature, Cham Alive, piece that will soon air on Epic TV, by way of the Birdwhere channel. Starting with six hours of raw video, here is a 60-second peek into the extreme lifestyle of Bird and his friends, depicting the love they share in the mountain, then loss, finally returning to a celebration, Chamonix Style. We thank Dave Rosenbarger, Brendan O’Sullivan, Andreas Fransson, JP Aucliar, and Liz Daley who were the inspiration and spiritual force in creating this piece. RIP to our Brothers and Sister in Wings. Also a big thanks to Chamonix and our family, who without you living this life would not be possible. Edit By Alex Bosco
 youtube imaginyte Music: Final Celebration song from Carter Juncal Cham Alive | A Celebration Of Life And Love

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