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EpicTV Video: Below Jaws | The Legend From Unseen Angle


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15th Apr 2016
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Below Jaws | The Legend From Unseen Angle

The massive wave at Peahi has been filmed from nearly every angle: land, sky, boat, ski but theres never been any footage from below Jaws. Conversations with professional photographers and videographers always turned out the same conclusion: the wave was too thick for a camera to capture a decent image from beneath. As a competitive swimmer-turned-big wave bodysurfer, I took it upon myself to swim out for a look. This edit is comprised of my favourite clips from an exploratory mission I took out to Jaws in January 2015. The shots that I got above the water don't do justice to the weight of this wave, but from below I managed to capture some beautiful shots from a previously unseen angle. Music: "2015" by Terrill Mast Used with permission from Terrill Mast. Below Jaws | The Legend From Unseen Angle

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VAGOS's picture
Luis Jair López Pedroza
GREAT VIDEO!!!!.. :)
26th Apr 2016