EpicTV Video: Acrophobia | Basejumping When You're Afraid Of Heights


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3rd May 2016

Acrophobia | Basejumping When You're Afraid Of Heights

Acrophobia is about a BASE jumper that is afraid of heights. He has to overcome his deepest fear before every single jump. When it comes to BASE jumping and wingsuit flying, most people think about videos of daredevils risking their lives. Most actual BASE jumpers, however, see it differently. They are not crazy. For them, responsibility and safety are the most important thing. They jump because of that one moment, where the whole world around them fades into irrelevance, but a conscientious approach and a meticulous preparation is the central focus of each jump. This attitude peaks in the story of Martijn Maas. He’s been skydiving since 1997 and started BASE jumping some years later and since 2010, he’s competing successfully in the world WS series. And yet, Martijn is afraid of heights. Acrophobia | Basejumping When You're Afraid Of Heights

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