Butora Climbing Shoes

Butora Climbing Shoes

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By elliottdally1 | May 18th 2016 |

Hey I am looking for information about the Butora Acro Shoe. It was just voted as the best new shoe in Rock & Ice magazine and wanted to get as much feedback from other people as possible. The shoe looks amazing from the pictures. It looks like it comes in a wide and narrow fit as well.

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May 18th 2016
Here are 2 reviews to help you understand the benefits of the most comfortable, high performance shoe on the market. Hi, I'm just writing for a quick follow up to your last email, it's been over a month now with the new Butoras and I'm loving them even more than when I got them! They are a really high performance shoe that just keeps satisfying. The heel fits really well and is very trustworthy inside and out. I have climbed outside in the Butoras 3 different location already including Smith Rock, Bridge of the Gods in Washington, and Leavenworth in Washington twice already! The rubber is very sticky and does not disappoint when I am on hard climbs in needing to trust them. The shoes have become softer than when I got them, but have remained fairly stiff, which I love. I have had shoes previously that started out really good and then became way too soft after being broken in and I would have to switch the shoe before the toe even broke out. A lot of my friends have been asking about these shoes and seeing them around, and then I later see them with a pair too! These shoes have definitely made their spot on one of my favorite shoes of all time! Thanks! Brennan Hey Brad, 1) I have been climbing in your shoes for about five months, predominantly indoors. 2) The biggest difference for me compared to other shoes is that these completely fit my foot with zero dead space. Which is my biggest problem with shoes do to the fact that my foot is extremely narrow with a small heel. As well the rubber seems to have the best balance in terms of softness/stiffness, shape/aggressiveness. For me I am comfortable on technical slabs to powerful overhangs, which is hard to find in a shoe, and it is especially important for me because I am a competitive climber. And I need a shoe that can play all games and show success. Until I used the Acros I've struggled for two years to find a shoe that I felt comfortable competing in. 3)Being able to say this is the best performing equipment for the specified job(in this case, a climbing shoe that fits the demands of there consumers) is important to me. Being an athlete for a company that you know produces the best quality product can increase the level of confidence in the athlete, because he/she knows that he can trust the company to perform when they need it to the most. For a shoe company that hasn't hit NA markets as hard as other companies, It would be nice to have the ability to say, these are the best performing shoes hands down, and it would be awesome to be a part of something that is growing. I've already had people ask me in my local gyms about the shoes, and how they perform, and my personal opinion on a lesser known shoe in my region and I have always been quick to have a conversation about the differences in the shoe that make it stand out. Isiah Desjarlais

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