Rise of the Drones 2015

Thank you to everyone who Joined The Revolution and participated in DJI and EpicTV’s 2015 Rise of the Drones Film Festival. There were 86 incredible films submitted featuring 28 different sport categories, all from 20 different countries from France to the US to Bali.

Check out the winning films above from the 15th of October!

You're invited to the Premiere Screenings!

You're invited to come celebrate one of the World's first Action Sports Drone Film Festival!
Come for a drink, win prizes from DJI & EpicTVSHOP, and be a part of the official screening of the Rise of the Drones Film Festival.

FREE EVENT! We look forward to seeing you there!

15th October Facebook Event Info
20th October Facebook Event Info

Winners announced at the London Screening and Here on 15th October!

Watch this space!

Interested? You want to know more about the prizes, rules & terms?

WIN 4000€ cash & a DJI Inspire 1
Great story, great action, great filmmaking.
WIN 2000€ cash & a DJI Ronin
Inspire excitement, keeps us wanting more. Interesting cuts between aerial and non-aerial footage.
WIN 2000€ cash & a DJI Ronin M
Make us hold our breath as you do the impossible. Have our hearts skip a beat with adrenaline packed action.
WIN 2000€ cash & a Phantom 3 Pro
The Best Continuous Shot needs to be creative, help tell the story, and it must be executed with exemplary technical skill. Use your imagination.

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