Seven Reasons Why DWS Is The Best Thing On Earth

Deep water soloing, or as the Spanish call it, psicobloc, is probably the most fun form of climbing ever. At first it may seem intimidating, but once you muster the courage and give it a go, it’s highly addictive. Stock up on chalk, ensure you’re a confident swimmer, and you’re ready to go. Here are our seven reasons why climbing ropeless above water is the best thing on Earth. Oh, and if you want to be really cool, make sure to pronounce it p-seek-oh-bloc.

1. It's a journey of discovery
You will learn not only about your ability to handle heights and reason with yourself, but also about remote places and different cultures.

2. It’s the best way to combine a mellow holiday with the thrills of climbing.

It’s really not as gnarly as some say. You really don’t have to push your grade facing a 15 meters fall, we promise.

3. But if you want to go hard, crank on!

The water’s there to catch you. Just remember it turns into rock if you’re falling from high enough.

4. If you fancy first ascents, unclimbed rock is left, right, and centre.

You don’t even have to go all the way to Oman. But you can.

5. It can earn you a wad.

A Psicobloc Masters prize of 20,000$. You just have to beat Sean McColl to it.

from on Vimeo

6. You can do it it the North-West of the US in derelict quarries…

7. ...or in the South-East in the desert.

Other awesome locations include Croatia, Philipines, Wales, Thailand, Patagonia... Once you're hooked, the only things you need are climbing shoes (don't even bother trying to keep them dry), chalk (loads of chalk...), and a swim suit, and you're always ready for the next psicobloc adventure. 



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