Dean Lucas Interview

We caught up with Devinci rider, Dean Lucas, following his 3rd place finish in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, to see what made it all come together. This is the first time Dean has made it onto a UCI Downhill World Cup podium and we couldn't be happier for the young Australian.

First off, well done! Has it sunk in yet?

Dean: Seriously, it still hasn't sunk in at all... I see photos of myself on the podium, but it just doesn't feel real. I've looked up to everyone else on that podium for such a long time and I never thought I'd be on it with them, so it might take a while until it feels normal.

EpicTV: What made it all come together? Did it help that the track was similar to what you’re used to back in Australia? Or was it that you just rode smooth, fast and wild that day?

Dean: I've really got no idea what I did, I just rode like I would on any track, tried to have fun with it and gave it everything. The Lenzerheide track definitely felt a lot like home though. Loose, dusty, not too steep and hot as hell the whole week! That helped a lot for me and I think it played a big part in the podium finish. I felt a lot smoother in my race run then I normally do. I didn't feel like I was attacking at the top, it just felt smooth and as the run went on I picked up more speed.

Dean Lucas - Bike

Do you think this was the confidence boost you needed to get you up in the top spots? Do you think you’ll stay up there from now on?

Dean: I'm not to sure, it definitely helps actually knowing you can do it and not just telling yourself you can. I've known for a while now that I've had the speed to be up there but it's a completely different story actually going out and laying it down. I really don't feel like anything’s gonna change with my riding and I'm just gonna keep doing the same thing and focus on having fun on my bike and it'll come from there.

Dean Lucas - Concentration

So after the experience of this race, are there any changes you’ll make to your routine?

Dean: Nah, I can't think of anything I'd want to change, I see a lot of people get a good result and then straight away turn super serious… I'm not saying I'm not serious about what I'm doing, but I think you gotta have fun the whole weekend or what's the point in it all? Like, at the top when I'm warming up I like to pedal around and do wheelies and talk to everyone before my run, but other guys just shut everyone out, which is fair enough if that works for them but I just don't wanna be that sort of racer.

Dean And Mark - Leaning It In

For you, what was the best part about making it onto the podium for the first time? Knowing you could do it? The confidence it’s given you? Or the excitement of it all? 

Dean: I guess it was a bit of all those things. One of the biggest things for me was just how I turned my riding around after last year. Last year, I hadn't had one good result up to this point in the season and even missed qualifying at one race. After that I was pretty down about the whole idea that I could make it in this sport, I felt like I was letting the team down, and myself, and really didn't know if I was going to continue doing it. Once I found out that Devinci had put me on the team for another year, I knew I had to step my game up and put in more work, on and off the bike, and it's definitely paying off now. And I think that's the best part, knowing that as shit as something can get, you can still turn it all around.

Dean Lucas - Steep Into The Woods

Photo Credit : Devinci Cycles and Rob Girvan

Dean Lucas - Up On The Podium

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Trey Cook's picture
Nice photos, James!
24th Jul 2015
Nico Stanford's picture
Great result, Dean! Keep it up!
24th Jul 2015
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