Dean Lucas And Mark Wallace Interview

EpicTV was lucky enough to catch up with Devinci World Racing team riders, Mark Wallace and Dean Lucas, while they were training in Morzine, France, earlier this summer. Since then, these two have had their best season so far; we've seen Dean walk away with a 3rd place in Lenzerheide and Mark taking a promising 6th place in Mount Sainte Anne.
With the Windham World Cup this weekend, we can’t wait to know what those two have up their sleeves...

So guys, what do you do in the off-season, work wise?

Dean: I'm a boiler maker, welder apprentice.
Mark: I've been trail building near my house on Vancouver Island.

EpicTV: And what about off-season training?

Mark: Gym work. And I'll do a lot of cross-country riding too. I maybe ride downhill once or twice a week, but I don't consider that training.
Dean: Same, in the gym a couple of times a week, ride cross-country and also a bit of Moto.

EpicTV: Did you get into downhill biking though Motocross?

Dean: Kinda, I wanted to race [Moto] but couldn't really do it, so got into mountain bikes instead. It's a bit less dangerous, too.

Dean And Mark - Super Morzine

EpicTV: Race weekend, do you like it? Is it stressful?

Mark: Yeah, you definitely get stressed and nervous but it's also enjoyable at the same time, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
Dean: Devinci also try and make it as stress-free as possible for us. They will try and arrange it so we stay in the same hotels as we did the year before. We also try to have the same routines at each race, that way it feels more familiar and takes away some of the stress.

EpicTV: How do you learn new tracks?

Dean: We'll spend a bit of time on the track, walking and (unless track-walk is a thing?) looking at lines. We normally skip over the easier sections or bits we have ridden before in previous years and mainly concentrate on the tougher, techy sections.
Mark: I'll sometimes download a helmet-cam [video] of the race before going to the event too, to help build a picture of the track in my head beforehand. It helps to give you an idea of the order of everything, where the next technical sections are, etc. This way, when you walk the track it makes it a bit easier.

Dean And Mark - Bursting Out Of The Woods

Do you take turns going first down the tracks?

Mark: We do a bit of everything. And if one of us has ridden the track before, that can help.
Dean: Yeah, if you find you’re not riding a section well or aren't finding the right lines or speed in a section, it can help to follow someone for sure.

EpicTV: And will you choose the same lines as each other?

Mark: No, not always. And if that is the case we will talk about it and discuss why we think each one is better. But we won't always choose to ride the same lines.
Dean: It also comes down to different riding styles, too, when we are picking lines.

EpicTV: What about action cameras, do you find they help you to learn a track?

Dean: Yeah, we use Hitcase [an iPhone on a chest mount]. It's great to be able to look at sections on the lift as you go up for another run, or later that day on the computer. I find it really helpful to look at the course again like that, for sure.

Dean And Mark - Leaning It In

EpicTV: How do you find the length of the season and being away from home?

Dean: I don't think the length is too bad, I think the schedule is just a little wrong. For me there is a lot of travelling back and forth and it’s expensive. Australia, France, Australia, three rounds in Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe again. Maybe they could do all the races in Europe, go to North America and then do something in Australia or New Zealand, to really get races all around the World.

EpicTV: Dean, you and Mark obviously get on well, is that a big help while you’re away at races and travelling?

Dean:  Yeah, having someone my own age with the same interests is great. Last year Steve [Smith] was injured and it was just me and Nick Beer. It was good, but there was a little bit of a language barrier and he is a little older than me so we weren’t doing the same things.


Dean And Mark - Finishing Burms

And Mark, you had your first 10 ten result last weeek, super happy and on home soil too?

Mark: I couldn't be happier to get a good result in Canada! I would be stoked with a top 10 anywhere but being in Mont Sainte Anne makes it even more special! It was stressful!

EpicTV: What was it like siting up on the box, waiting as all the other riders came down slower than you?

Mark: At that point there is nothing that can be done to change the result. I was just counting the riders left figuring out what result I was guaranteed.

EpicTV: Did you do anything different last weekend that you feel made you faster, more relaxed, more determined?

Mark: Nothing was done differently last weekend, things just went well and confidence kept on building.

EpicTV: And finally, that line in the rock section in Mont Sainte Anne! Were you the only one hitting that line or were you just the only one brave enough to pull it off in finals?

Mark: Steve, Dean and I were all doing it, it was one we talked about on track walk. I'm not sure if anyone else was. I tried it 3 times Sunday morning and couldn't get it so I'm glad it worked out for the race run, haha.

Dean And Mark - Backs

Photographer: Rob Girvan

Mark Wallace Morzine

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