Nalle Hukkataival Sends Lappnor Project

Nalle Hukkataival took to social media on Monday with the news that he's finally sent the Lappnor project. Naming it 'Burden of Dreams,' Nalle gives it a grade of 9A, potentially the worlds first.

Suspicion was aroused in the climbing community earlier on Monday, when it was reported that Nalle had left a criptic post on his private Facebook page. Simply posting "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," many assumed this could only mean he had sent his project.


After four years working the problem, Nalle says in his post: "Sitting under the boulder I can feel the weight of it. Pulling on always feels like a déjà vu, like the thousands of times before. It always starts the same way and ends the same way. Except this time. This time was different.

"Snap to reality, I’m hanging on the lip of the boulder, disoriented, heart racing. Contain the panic. I’m on top of the boulder trying to grasp how I got there. Lots of feelings coinciding; surprise, relief, happiness, confusion. As reality hits that quickly turns into ecstatic happiness with a dash of disbelief."


We caught up Nalle in Finland back in April, when he took us up to check out his project with Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods:


Stay tuned to EpicTV for more news and content from this historic send as it emerges.

Comments (5)

Tony Haldstrong's picture
look, there hasn't even been a confirmed V16 yet...COME ON!
25th Oct 2016
Jerries Knightson's picture
What are you talking about? Course there is, Gioia for one!
26th Oct 2016
Fin Summitt's picture
Yes nalle! This is what dedication is, what a legend!
25th Oct 2016
Shane Leann's picture
love it if after all this, it got downgraded! HA!
25th Oct 2016
Mikhael Bonham's picture
Awesome! So psyched for him...
25th Oct 2016
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