The La Sportiva Testarossa Sucks...In A Good Way

At first glance the La Sportiva Testarossa may seem like every other aggressive climbing shoe out there. Namely one that you can only just squeeze into for a quick blast on your latest V10 project. However, slip on this ketchup and mustard coloured boot and you may find that a far gentler beast is hugging your feet.

The Testarossa is one of the more downturned climbing shoes available right now. However, with the clever placement of softer, more supple rubber, La Sportiva have made a shoe that feels far more comfortable than its similarly aggressive counterparts. Of course, whenever talking about fit and comfort, it's clear that everybody’s feet are a little different. That being said, there is a growing consensus amongst those who have used the Testarossa that it somehow “sucks” onto your feet; creating a secure yet comfortable seal.

If you are wondering what type of climbing this shoe is most suited to, then look no further than Jonathan Siegrist’s ascent of 'Biographie'. If long, steep sport routes are the name of the game, then you will struggle to find a better player than the Testarossa. The aggressive shape helps you to put power down through the end of your toes, while its softer feel provides excellent feedback on small edges. Moreover, its comfortable fit makes it ideal for long redpoint burns. While I certainly wouldn’t recommend the Testarossas to an avid slab climber, you may well be surprised by how versatile they are.

Jonathan Siegrist Climb Testarossa

Like many of the more aggressive shoes in the La Sportiva range, the Testarossa boasts P3 technology, which helps the shoe to retain its aggressive shape throughout its lifetime. It also features a combination of leather and synthetic material in the upper intended to give a degree of stretch without the risk of the shoe "bagging out" over time.

The Fit of the Testarossa is generous, and it will stretch further due to the leather materials which La Sportiva have intentionally added for this purpose. Because of this I would probably downsize a fair bit if you want to get the most out of this shoe.

If this article has whetted your appetite, then you can learn more about the Testarossa as well as a plethora of other climbing shoes at the EpicTV Shop!

La Sportiva Testarossa Box

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