How To Get Started Bouldering Outdoors

Newbie at bouldering? We have a couple of tips for you on how to get started!

At the moment the world is in various states of lockdown and most climbing gyms are closed. We don’t really know when they’re gonna reopen again. If your country regulations allow it, now is a perfect time to head outside. This might be the first time for some of you and we've got your back! Here's a guide on how to start bouldering outdoors; the etiquette, the grades, and all the gear you’ll need to have the best time. 

In France, regulations are saying that you need to have your own personal gear, to help prevent spreading the virus. It makes sense for the time being to stop sharing chalk, brushes, and crash pads, so it's a great time to get your own gear.

Grades differ from indoor bouldering

Don’t expect to go on rock and climb V5 because you’re able to at your local gym. You will notice a step up in grades when you climb outside. Gyms, generally, have softer grading, or at least more consistent grading. Outside grades tend to be more subjective. So take grades with a pinch of salt. You will adjust to it, but for the first few sessions step down a grade and just learn how to move on the rock.

Get a guidebook of your area so you won’t get lost in the maze of boulders and won’t have to make up your own boulder problems. Unlike indoor climbing, the grades aren’t written down at the start of the boulder. At times you might see little arrows where the climb begins but even these might fade away with time, that’s why a guide book is essential.

There are some options for your smartphone. For example, the company 27 crags has an app that gives you access to over 900 crags, and boulder areas spread throughout the world.  On the EpicTv Shop, we sell a yearly subscription which is 45,60€ and that’s a pretty good value since the average for a guide book is about 30€ for just one area.



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