Guide To The Indoor Rope You Need

Do you have a specific indoor climbing rope? You're thinking of getting one?

If you regularly climb in a climbing wall and it has rope climbing you're going to be progressing from top roping to lead climbing at some point. Buying a dedicated training/indoor rope is a way of investing in yourself as a climber. 

If you are more of a beginner then when you first start climbing buying a rope seems like an unnecessary purchase. Shoes, harness, chalk, there is lots you need to get started…a rope can wait. But at some point, you're going to have that nagging feeling that it’s time for a rope, and trust us it’s an amazing feeling when you own your own.

A rope…is a rope at the end of the day. You can use it indoors and outdoors, depending on the length of it, and you can take it to a variety of crags and areas. There are, however, differences in how the ropes are made that can change the rope quality and price, perhaps making them more suitable for indoor use. If you're thinking of an outdoor rope you can spend hundreds on a super light, thin rope with different treatments to prevent it from getting grit and dirt in the weave. Treatments can protect it from rain, and prolong the life of your rope.

If you are looking to climb mainly outdoors then we really recommend you check some out this video:

What are you looking for in an indoor rope?

Indoor climbing is all about training, pushing yourself in a safe environment. You're likely to be taking more falls, working sections of routes, perhaps sticking in the occasional top rope. In other words, your rope is going to get a bit of abuse, and therefore an indoor rope should perhaps be a bit thicker, and more durable. 

Length is worth considering, as an outdoor rope usually starts at around 50-60m, in Europe 70m is sometimes the standard. However, your indoor rope doesn't need to be that long. Most gyms require your rope to be between 30-35m long. That means that you don’t need to carry around your long outdoor rope.

If you’re thinking of getting an indoor rope check out the following:

The Tendon Indoor 10.21 rope. This is a true use and abuse rope. It’s fairly chunky at 10.2 mm but will feel good in a GriGri or something similar. This rope is actually specifically designed for top-roping with a braided core. It’s not going to be the most malleable or sensitive rope. But if you need an occasional leading and mostly top-roping, then this is a very good rope to check out. Now JUST at €109.90 on the EpicTV shop. 

Tendon Rope Sale

The Mammut Workhorse Classic 9.9mm rope is…as the name suggests a workhorse. It will keep on trucking until you give up and hit the pub. It features one of the most robust designs that Mammut has ever made with advanced sheath construction a fine smooth surface and better abrasion resistance compared to similar ropes. It’s not too heavy at 65gr/m and starts off at around €98 for a 40m length and you can also buy it in a 50m version.

Black Diamond 9.9mm rope. It’s designed to take heavy abuse while still being soft enough to be nice to handle. It’s great that you can buy it in a 35m version for around €89. Good value and a gym rope that will stand the test of time. 

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