Camping while Climbing on a 300€ Budget 

Are you venturing out climbing and want to stay overnight right underneath your post - quarantine project? Car/crag camping is BACK and if you’re out camping for the first time you probably need to get a basic kit to keep you cozy and comfy. Here are a couple of suggestions!

Get a hammock! 

If you experience sleep issues or a sore back or limbs post climbing, the answer could be to recline, relax, and hang out in a hammock. A hammock will naturally move you into the ideal sleeping position—and keep you there. In this way, it can function a lot like a memory foam bed. A hammock isn't going to let you roll to your side or your stomach, which could hurt your back. Additionally, your head will be slightly elevated above your body, which is ideal for restful sleep. 

The Sea to Summit Pro Single Hammock is a single-person hammock which, it has been designed to excel all other hammocks in the market in terms of 'materials, construction, weight, bulk, and ease of use'. The Pro Single Hammock is made from a soft ripstop nylon material that prevents rips and tears whilst still maintaining next-to-skin comfort for a better night's rest. It's highly durable Cordura Nylon compression bag ensures the hammock is fully protected when stuffed into backpacks. It also features high strength steel-plated buckles. 

PRICE 69,95€ 



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Keep Cozy! 

Solution for men! The Sea to Summit Trailhead ThII is a synthetic insulation bag that offers comfort down to 5°C and water-resistance in wet conditions. Sea to Summit's WaveLoft construction loops thick layers of insulation together to increase loft and provide extra warmth over standard filling methods. The baffle construction connects the lining and shell fabrics together to prevent shifting. 

PRICE 123,95 €

Solution for women! Sea TO SUMMITQuest QuII -2°c Women's value-orientated synthetic sleeping bag with a comfort rating of -1°C. It also has WaveLoft construction that increases warmth without increasing weight. It will keep you warm with a temperature rating -1°C comfort to -8°C lower... 

PRICE 127,00 €


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Sleeping matt!

The Camp Compact Light Mat is a lightweight and compact sleeping mat of premium quality. 100% nylon for durability, and features a brass and plastic valve for rapid inflation and deflation ideal for that extra isolation and overall comfort.

PRICE 27,30 €

Don't stumble! Get a head torch!

The Petzl Tikkina headlamp is a good value head torch that offers 250 -lumens of brightness and a wide beam for proximity lighting. Lightweight, compact, and with a max burn time of 120-hours, it's a great headlamp for camping. It's compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery or with batteries, so you can have two options for power depending on whether you're near a power source or not.

PRICE 20,00€


Need for heat 

MSRSuperFly is not only ultralight but the multi-mount interface is compatible with most self-sealing fuel canisters, a feature that will prove invaluable in situations where you never know what kind of fuel you'll be able to get your hands on. The pot supports also make it stable for cooking with larger pans, so despite its small size, it's ideal for groups of multiple people. Super lightweight at 180 g and the boil time for 1 liter of water is just 3 minutes!

QUICK TIP! Take it to the crag to keep your hands toasty on a freezing day.

PRICE 58,50 €


TOTAL: 298,75€ 

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