Boot Bananas And The End Of Climbing Shoe Stench

“Here, take a whiff of that!”,

“Oh dude, that’s pretty bad. But try sticking your nose in these!”

“Jeez man! Did something die in there!?”


Here we listen to two climbers discussing their shoes. This, seemingly unusual discourse, is actually common place in climbing gyms worldwide. As centres of vertical worship, climbing gyms are a gathering point for many different types of people. Yet for all their differences, these people all have one thing in common, extremely smelly shoes.

Far from being embarrassed about the pungent odours emanating from the footwear, many climbers take pride in the ripeness of their foot aroma, and the climbers with the most fragrant feet are respected above the rest.


However, This hierarchy has recently come under threat from an inside enemy. Many of these climbers live in shared abodes, coexisting with partners who are not well indoctrinated with the age-old custom of smelly shoes. They are fighting back, and their weapon of choice is the Boot Banana.

Boot Bananas

Boot Bananas are a novel invention, designed to reduce the nasty smells emitted from all types of sweaty shoes. Unsurprisingly they have found a home in the climbing world.

The company was started in a small flat by Alex and her partner Phil, and the idea was undoubtedly inspired by the smell of climbing instructor Phil’s shoes. All we can say is that it must have been one powerful aroma to inspire such an effective product.

Boot Bananas Shoe

In recent years their popularity has skyrocketed and in 2013 the manufacturing process was handed to Troll Outdoors in order to meet the increasing demand.

Boot Bananas smell

Once Boot Bananas are inserted into your shoes they start absorbing all the nasty smelling moisture. If they are allowed to dry out regularly and don't come in for any unexpected damage, then they should last a surprisingly long time, possibly even outliving your shoes! One reviewer commented, “…they turned my climbing shoes from a fall-out zone to sweet-smelling in no time.” That sweet smell is the result of the natural salts with which the Boot Bananas are filled. These help to replace the customary odour of sweaty rubber and rapidly multiplying bacteria with the sweet aroma of lavender.

As effective as they are, our favourite feature of the Boot Bananas is an aesthetic one. We just can't get over that, much like real bananas, they turn brown at the end of their life!

Boot Bananas Banner
Boot Bananas
Boot Bananas
Boot Bananas
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If you want to learn more about Boot Bananas, then you can learn more at their product page in the EpicTV Shop.

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