Arco Rock Star

International Climbing Photo Contest

The Garda Trentino and it's extraordinary vertical walls will host the latest edition of Arco Rock Star the 22nd and 23rd of April, the international photography climbing contest. In two days the participants will have to go and search for the perfect photo in order to win one of the prizes, with a total prize money of €2,000.

Each team consists of a photographer and a maximum of 3 athletes: two categories, Pro and Open, who will have to submit photographs able to describe the athletic gesture but also everything which revolves around climbing, such as the environment, friendship, the approach, the fatigue and fun.

The Pro's were selected among the leading names in the outdoor photography with an invitation. The Open participants can register on the Adventure Awards website or directly at Arco before the event.

The best photograph of the Open category will receive a prize of €500, while the best photos of the pro category (each team must submit 4 photos, which will be evaluated all together) will be rewarded with €1500.

The best photos selected from both categories will then be printed in high quality, in collaboration with Elle-Erre, and will form a traveling exhibition.

Arco Rock Star will begin Saturday April 22nd in the morning and will end with the awards ceremony and slide show of the photos on Sunday 23rd at 6pm.

The ideal destination for an active holiday and an international level destination for climbing, Trentino Garda will host a new event which will take place during the Adventure Awards Days, the International Festival of adventure and exploration.

Adventure Awards Days arrives in Garda Trentino for the sixth edition: great travelers, adventure lovers and explorers of all kinds - from the most remote peaks to the seas, from the farthest horizons to the forests - they will meet to share stories, experiences and passions. Garda Trentino, the world of water, rocks and nature with a mediterranean scent embedded in a ring of vertical walls, will become the ideal stage for a meeting aimed at an increasingly wide audience of passionates of the outdoor lifestyle and holiday.

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