Adam Ondra Climbs New 9b/5.15b 'C.R.S'

Adam Ondra has done it again, establishing another cutting-edge route, this time in France at the newly opened cliff of Mollans which according to Adam has 'amazing potential for hard climbing'. The new 9b was christened 'C.R.S' and it's a short, 22 metres line that must pack one hell of a punch in that relatively short distance to warrant the grade.

According to the EpicTV Shop climber, 'C.R.S' stands for 'Cowboy a Reaction Stupide', and while we couldn't get him to tell us the story behind the name, he did have a lot to say about the route itself.

The style is definitely power resistance. There’s a very physical roof on pinches and pockets leading to a very crimpy exit on the final bulge."

It was shown to me as a project by Seb Bouin who bolted the line. He put in a lot of effort into it too but for now he’s giving up on the direct finish, so he bolted a slightly easier exit to the left and he’s now very close to a send.

crs 1

Adam first visited Mollans for just two days after the World Cup in Valence back in 2013. While it has taken him two years to make his way back to the crag, the wait certainly seems to have been worth it!

"During this trip I was trying 'C.R.S' over three days. It was definitely very emotional and not only because it’s such an amazing line but also because it is my fastest 9b ascent. I definitely feel like all the hard work training for competitions is paying off outside as well.

Congratulations and thanks for stopping by to chat about the route!

All images © Bernardo Gimenez

crs 2

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