5 Things You Need To Know About The Tenya IATI

Spanish climbing shoe manufacturer Tenaya have just released their latest creation, the IATI. Here are the 5 main things you should know about this shoe.

1. Alex Megos uses them


Well, he probably does or will…The IATIs are the latest shoe to be produced by Tenaya. They haven’t been available for very long but they are clearly steep sport climbing machines, just like Megos. Tenaya say that they are similar in design to the OASI shoe, which Megos was wearing when he onsighted the 9a 'Estado Critico', but they are slightly more comfortable to wear than the OASIs.

2. Adjustable Velcro


The Velcro straps on the IATI are a little more complicated than those found on standard Velcro climbing shoes. Climbers that have used the La Sportiva Solution shoe might find the design a little more familiar. However, Tenaya have built on Sportiva’s design so that you can adjust the top part of the strap separately to the lower part. This allows for a more precise fit than conventional Velcro designs but still means that you can get them off in a flash by simply detaching the single Velcro tab.

Tenaya IATI 3

3. Comfy upper


The IATI is a shoe of two parts. The bulk of the shoe is made from natural leather, but the oversized tongue is made from Lycra, making the IATI very easy to take on and off and much more comfortable than its sister shoe the OASI. The stretchy material extends further up your ankle than other climbing shoes, which helps to reduce pinching.

Tenaya IATI 2

4. Vibram rubber


Many new climbing shoe manufacturers are also producing their own rubber. Whilst variety in a product is always great, climbing shoe rubber takes some time to perfect and when looking at a high performance shoe such as the IATI it's reassuring to know that you are investing in a tried and tested rubber.

Tenaya IATI 1

5. We have them in stock


EpicTV is one of the first shops to stock the new IATI shoe. If you want to find out more, then you can talk to any of our experts online right now at the EpicTV Shop.

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