3rd Rock Strider Climbing Trousers

Climbing clothing comes and goes. Lost forever, wedged in a crack, dropped off mountain tops, torn, ripped and generally destroyed. For us, climbing clothes tend to be only fleetingly owned.

I was at my local climbing wall in Les Houches, Chamonix, resting after a boulder problem, when I happened to look down at my chalk stained 3rd Rock Strider trousers. Trousers that I've had for a year, and have yet to destroy. Impressive.

Wearing the trousers during an indoor film shoot

I have been using them as my go to climbing trousers for every type of climbing imaginable. From indoor sessions, gritstone bouldering, sport climbing, dry tooling and even massive alpine multi-pitches. These have been everywhere with me. Climbing trousers aren’t necessary the most exciting bit of kit to buy. They are a necessity sure, but not as exciting to buy as a new cam or even shoes. However, having something warm, stretchy and reliable on your bottom half is invaluable. Not sure why that sounds dodgy...

A bit of dry tooling in Chamonix

For me, the most important thing with trousers is durability…and a stretchy crotch! I have bought many pairs of cheap trousers only to have them rip or tear within a few months. Buying cheap is not a money saver if you have to buy loads of them. The 3rd Rock Strider trousers have caused me no issues. Apart from looking a bit faded (probably from being covered in chalk and never washed) there is no visible sign of wear on them.

The pockets are nice and big, and I like the inclusion of a zipped pocket on the thigh section. This is perfect for stashing valuables during a multi pitch, taking away the fear of dropping your phone halfway up a cliff.

Climbing in Japan

There is an option to wear a belt with the trousers with some strong looking belt loops, but I haven’t felt the need, the Strider sits nicely on my hips. The slim fit continue to the legs which has a non baggy, fit without feeling restrictive. The material is nice and stretchy and allows you to pull off all manner of outrageous heel hooks and stretches.

Just a bit of cragging

The trousers are warm too, probably due to a fairly thick fabric. This is kind of a double edged sword for me; although the warmth is good when the weather closes in, I find them a bit too hot when it's sunny or I get sweaty. They aren’t particularly breathable, and the fabric can feel a little heavy. Having said that, I tend to just role them up if it gets too hot, so not a massive problem.

It would be great to have a drawstring on the trouser leg to get the hem out of the way of my climbing shoes. It’s a feature that I have liked on other trousers, and missed on the Strider. Again, it is easy to roll them out of the way, but I would still prefer a drawstring.

I have the older model of the trousers, and the new Strider adds some useful improvements: It has an elastic waist, and re-enforced bottom and knee sections, as well as other features. So I’ve got something to upgrade to when mine eventually die a death. But that's looking like a long way off at the moment. Simply bombproof, high quality trousers.

A big Alpine multi-pitch with the 3rd Rock Strider trousers. 





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