3 Climbing Clothing Brands To Look Out For In 2016

The popularity of big, trustworthy brands like Patagonia or prAna is continuously growing, also outside of the climbing and outdoor community, but it’s diversity that keeps our industry fresh and exciting. New ventures and family business are welcome on the growing market, bringing both product innovation and new, ethical approaches to production.  

3rd ROCK

Founded in 2010 by Jessica Mor, the Peak District based brand is quickly gaining in popularity thanks to their simple, functional designs and high quality, organic fabrics. Jess founded the company following her experience in the London fashion industry. As a certified designer and pattern cutter, she’s well prepared to redefine the outdoor style through what she calls  ‘climbwear’.

Helping her out is her partner, Guy, and they're both splitting their time between work and taking care of their newborn baby. Now, that’s what you call a family business!

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3rd ROCK


Born in the Netherlands, Nihil is based in the picturesque Dutch town of Enschede. The reins of the company are in the hands of Irene Pieper who’s not only Nihil’s owner but also designer and marketer. Outside of work, Pieper is a keen competition climber who in 2005 became the first Dutch woman to top out on a 7B+ bloc.

The most recognizable Nihil piece is the yellow Elephunk sweater (named after the Fontainebleau 8B), famous for its quirky design and comfort.

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Nihil EpicTV


10 years ago a bunch of friends from a climbing gym in Grenoble dreamt up their own company and in 2010 they made their dream a reality. They started out using an old and tested trial and error method and, although not all of their ideas worked out straight away, today they export to France, England, Italy and even Japan. In their own words, ABK is a brand that won’t make you stronger but it will make you more beautiful. Kudos for honesty.  

The whole range is made of organic cotton or its blends and the collection is divided into lifestyle and sport lines. The figure of eight print underwear is definitely our favourite item!

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