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25th Sep 2013
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Risking Everything For The Ultimate Flight | HeliBASE 74, Ep. 1

One week in early August 2013, the best proximity wingsuit flyers on the planet gathered in the world mecca of extreme sports - Chamonix, France. Over the course of three intense days, they were handed the keys to a helicopter and were told that they could do with it whatever they wanted. No prize money, no competition - just pure expression of their sport. This unprecedented event resulted in possibly some of the most impressive, most cutting-edge human flight video footage ever captured, featuring mind-blowing proximity flights along ridges, in canyons and above trees. Wingsuit flying is as risky as it looks, and true to its nature, HeliBASE 74 became a story of how fantastic but also how brutal modern extreme sports can be. The HeliBASE 74 series is dedicated to our friend and professional wingsuit pilot Mark Sutton, who tragically lost his life during the shooting of this event. HeliBASE 74 is a 4-part web series launching Wed, 25 September with new episodes dropping every week for the next three weeks at www.epictv.com Risking Everything For The Ultimate Flight | HeliBASE 74, Ep. 1

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